Best of 2017

“An adventure in taste”

Last year Vesper set out to present a brand new, 100% original, concept menu each and every month.

Regularly shifting themes and focus allowed the team to really push the envelope and delve deeper and deeper into the world of flavour- creating original, thought-provoking and memorable experiences for their guests.

 It also helped foster a more conscious approach to the creative process- taking time to review every aspect of what they do to discover inventive, fun and gratifying ways to reduce their impact.

Before getting stuck into their big plans for 2018, the team thought it would be nice to sum up and celebrate last year’s finest achievements by presenting this ‘Best Of 2017’ anthology.

The menu features our own personal favourite tipples as well as hands down the most popular, show-stopping serves of the year.

BEST OF 2017 WEB.jpg