Trash The Place! / by Julian Bayuni

Adopting a closed-loop approach to cocktailing, the team at Vesper continue to discover inventive, fun and gratifying ways to reduce their waste!


Carefully and considerately recovering, re-using and recycling what was otherwise destined for the bin, this creative endeavour spawned an arsenal of revelationary craft ingredients that became the starting point for a variety of tasty conscious cocktail creations...

Dedicated to this new found approach the team started to also notice how engaging this concept was and so devised a plan to involve the wider bar community- to embrace comradery, cultivate creativity and inspire awareness, whilst offering customers an exciting, thought-provoking and super tasty drink experience!

For the months of August and September Vesper warmly welcomes some of Amsterdam’s most creative bartenders to feature on this first-of-a-kind reduced waste collaboration menu.

Featuring 'Trash' cocktails will be available throughout the 2 months with a series of back to back guest shifts taking place every Thursday night for the duration.

Check in on our FB event page if you would like to attend our launch party on Tuesday 8th August, and to find out more about our guest shift program for the upcoming 2 months!


- Jules Bayuni -

Image courtesy of David Costa