Thor's Thorns / by Julian Bayuni

Thor was one of the most important and famous gods in Norse mythology. Considered as a storm-weather god of sky and thunder he was associated with the fertility of the earth. He was also regarded as a guide for those travelling over the sea because of his power over storms and wind...

Last month our dear Danish friends Alex and Lea moved to Amsterdam. It was a beautiful weekend so we decided to take them to one of our favourite city escapes to make the most of the late Summer sunshine and take a long rejuvenating walk across Castricum's unspoiled dune reserve towards a perfectly tranquil stretch of Noord Holland's coast for a beach picnic.

On our way back Lea pointed to the familiar looking orange berried thorny shrubs that lined the entire road back to our car. Unable to recall the name of this plant she got on Google and discovered it to be sea buckthorn, a native Nordic plant that had over time travelled with the wind down from the Scandinavian shores to find home upon the dunes of the Dutch coast.

To commemorate our Danish friend's arrival with the timely discovery of this Nordic plant I respectfully harvested enough berries to take back to Vesper to create an aptly themed Thor cocktail to immortalise this romantic coincidence!

Featuring as our 'Wild Cocktail of the Month' my creation combines said wild sea buckthorn shrub with prickly pear, wild mezcal, ginseng spirit and cactus paddle bitters paired with a coconut and anise sand. 

Introducing the mighty Thor's Thorn, Vesper's seasonal, spikey sipping sensation.

Cocktail by Jules Bayuni
Image courtesy of David Costa