Q's Coffee Lab

A short introduction to Q for those of you who aren’t so familiar with the Bond franchise...

Q is the head of Q Branch, the research & development division of the British Secret Service. Q was the mastermind behind all of James Bond’s famous gadgets which over the decades saved him from the hairiest of situations, gave him kudos amongst his peers and sex appeal amongst the ladies.

Q would tinker away in his lab for days on end and so naturally developed a dependence on coffee to
see him through those sleepless nights.

Through his endeavours, Q also started experimenting with coffee to figure out the perfect way to stay caffeinated and focus on the job. His vast and varied creations included everything from coffee cold brews and infusions to liqueurs, bitters, airs and foams.

A man after James Bond’s heart, he also discovered that his coffee products were naturally best enjoyed when combined with alcohol in a good cocktail.

Here are some of the results...

Images courtesy of David Costa