Save The Bread

Vesper welcomes dough-gooders Nico Commandeur & Chris Rijkenberg from Baker’s Best genever to co-present a special closed-loop, zero-waste cocktail menu showcasing the 5* rated juniper based Dutch spirit created using recovered bread.

A whopping 120,000,000kg (70 million euros) of bread is thrown away in the Netherlands every year. WTF?!!

Inspired by ‘What (Dutch) people like on bread’ the menu includes cocktails such as the ‘KaasKopstootje’ with Baker’s Best, garam masala falernum and Lowlander IPA served with oude Ryepenaer cheese and closed-loop chutney on ‘waste’ toast. Or there’s the Karnemelk Punch a clarified milk punch featuring a Dutch all-star cast of rums, brandy & Baker’s Best genever blended with pineapple, citrus, spiced tea, absinthe and buttermilk, served with closed-loop boozy lemon curd also on ‘waste’ toast.

Help save the bread and drink more Baker’s Best!

Images courtesy of David Costa