Welcome to Vesper

Coming into its 8th year of business, Vesper is recognised as one of Amsterdam’s finest cocktail institutions. Over the years it has collected accolades and received worldwide acknowledgement for its top quality cocktails, dynamic bar team and genuine hospitality set within a unique, laid back, local neighbourhood environment. Vesper strives to maintain its sincere, welcoming, non-exclusive atmosphere. A place where the bar community, locals and tourists alike can connect, discover, exchange ideas and have fun.

An adventure in taste!... With Jules Bayuni at the helm of creative development, Vesper's crew continue to push the envelope and delve deeper and deeper into the world of flavour, presenting a brand new, 100% original, concept menu each and every month!

Regularly shifting themes and focus has allowed the team to naturally adopt a more conscious approach to the creative process, constantly reviewing what they do to make Vesper a more sustainable bar.

The team continue to discover inventive, fun and gratifying ways to reduce their impact, through a
closed-loop approach to cocktailing and careful, considerate sourcing and management of their produce... 

... creating original, thought-provoking and memorable experiences for their guests.